Babby’s First Press Conference.

I took the time to watch (well listen anyway) to Babby’s first press conference and took these points away. Well, other than the undeniable fact that the man is a moron and a complete piece and utter of crap.
  1. “…China’s taken advantage of us…” Point of order. Seems to me that US businesses have taken advantage of dirt cheap labor and the “black box” mentality that China represents. We send money and they send product. We need China as much as they need our money right now. If you think big bidness is going to change this relationship and risk cutting into the boardroom profits… I have a bridge to sell you.
  2. “…Nobody knows what they’re doing anymore with respect to hacking…” I would agree that this is true, BUT…. See Point Number 1, only s/China/India or Malaysia/ … US Business has commoditized IT into just another “black box” and you’re seeing the result of that. I’ve personally seen this happen over the last ~8-10 years or so. Also, see #1.  This won’t change.  Knowledgeable and skilled people aren’t cheap.  And big business is only interested in cheap.
  3. “…We’re going to have a great hacking defense…” As someone who operates on the internet, run my own servers and websites, etc… this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
  4. Almost forgot! His refusal to answer the CNN rep’s question and his “I won’t answer you because you’re fake news” response are not only the actions of a childish douchebag, but a stark warning that he will try to manipulate how the press reports on him to an extent never before seen.
Prediction: His FCC chief will not only completely trash the absolutely necessary provisions of net neutrality, but go even further and make it more difficult for people like me to operate, by handing control and oversight of the internet soup-to-nuts in the US to his EvilCorp buddies in the name of “security.”
Stock up on KY and breath mints, folks.